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General Instructions
  1. Your participation in this survey is completely confidential.
  2. You can be ensured and feel free to answer any question bluntly honestly as you feel about it.
  3. The purpose of the survey is to determine what your opinion is in terms of issue and practices in your organization as highlighted in the name of the survey.
  4. The results of the questionnaire will be processed by means of a computer. Only a summary of your results will be made available to you.
  5. Individual responses will not be submitted to management. The personal information which is required in the biographical and company information section is necessary to summarize the conclusions of the survey in a proper manner.
  6. Please answer all the questions.
  7. When you answer the questionnaire, think about the current policies and practices and how the question relates to your organization.
  8. Remember – there is no right or wrong answer, it is how you feel about a matter that is important – your opinion is valued.